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STENOPETALA is the official publication of the New Zealand Carnivorous Plant Society - a well respected and professionally produced quarterly publication available only to NZCPS members.

STENOPETALA is the result of 25 years of evolution with input from a variety of NZCPS editors which has culminated in the current format - a high quality journal full of information on a range of carnivorous plant topics. Our journal offers diverse articles ranging from fieldtrips and notification of newly discovered species to publication of cultivar descriptions and cultivation techniques for a range of carnivorous plants.

STENOPETALA provides an exchange of information on carnivorous plants, particularly in relation to New Zealand conditions and aims to increase efforts to propagate and increase the availability of carnivorous plants for all.

STENOPETALA also aims to provide a forum to enable members to get in touch with others over their particular wants and needs, plant and pollen exchanges - or simply to meet other interested growers within New Zealand.

In nearly all cases, members of the NZCPS provide the bulk of the articles. For this the editor is no doubt eternally grateful. If you would like to submit an article for publication please contact the current NZCPS Journal Editor:

NZCPS Journal Editor, Brian Quinn -


NZCPS Journal Editor,

The New Zealand Carnivorous Plant Society (NZCPS)

PO Box 62007

Mt Wellington, Auckland


In order to receive STENOPETALA, you must be a current financial member of the NZCPS. Check out some recent issues of STENOPETALA and issue contents.


Stenopetala Issue 98


  • ISSUE 98 - September - November 2006
  • Carnivorous Plants of the Guiana Highlands - Stewart McPherson
  • A New Book on Carnivorous Plants - Lee Braithwaite
  • Heliamphora macdonaldae - The Forgotten Marsh Pitcher Plant - Stewart McPherson

Stenopetala Issue 94


  • ISSUE 94 - September - November 2005
  • Sarracenia Crossword - Julian Brook
  • ICPS Conference - Lyon 2004 - Brian Quinn
  • Mexican Pinguicula Hunting (Part 7) - Fernando Rivadavia
  • ICPS Conference - USA 2006 - Brian Quinn
  • Carnivorous Weeds on the Loose in Auckland - Dept of Conservation

Stenopetala Issue 91


  • ISSUE 91 - December 2004 - February 2005
  • Postcard from Peru - Fernando Rivadavia
  • A Summer CP Trip - Kopuatai and Neavesville - Ricky Maulder
  • Fly-Eating Robot - CNN
  • Book Review - Pitcher Plants of Sarawak - Bruce Salmon

Stenopetala Issue 83


  • ISSUE 83 - December 2002 - February 2003
  • ICPS Conservation Success Story - Sarracenia purpurea var. montana - ICPS
  • Sarracenia leucophylla - Bruce Salmon
  • Utrics in the Coromandels - Ricky Maulder
  • Pumice Tray Pinguicula Cultivation - Len Trigg
  • Sarracenia flava - Varieties Identification Guide - Dean Waters
  • Sarracenia - Species and Hybrids Guide - Dean Waters
  • Book Review : Pitcher Plants of Peninsular Malaysia - Bruce Salmon

Stenopetala Issue 82


  • ISSUE 82 - September - November 2002
  • Bigger than Texas : A CP Visit to Western Australia (Part 2) - Andrew Broome
  • Hybridising Nepenthes - Ricky Maulder
  • CP's in Britain - Peter Marren
  • Beginning with a VFT - Paul Carter
  • Carniflora - Review - Bruce Salmon
  • Brazil Travelogue - Robert Gibson
  • Cultivating Drosera trinervia - Bruce Salmon
  • Nepenthes x 'Petra' Outside at Work - Ricky Maulder
  • Drosophyllum (Outside) - Update - Ricky Maulder